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#80 Book Review: Faery Tales and Nightmares

Faery Tales and Nightmares
Release Date: February 2nd 2012
Author: Melissa Marr
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy: Amazon & The Book Depository
More Info: Goodreads
Summary from Goodreads:
Faery Tales and Nightmares is a collection of short stories.

Current Table of Contents:
"Where Nightmares Walk"
"Winter's Kiss" (Fairy Tales)
"Transition" (Vampires)
"Love Struck" (Selchies)
"Stopping Time" (WL World)
"Old Habits" (WL World)
"The Art of Waiting"
"Flesh for Comfort"
"The Sleeping Girl and the Sumer King" (WL World-ish, the short story that started the series)
"Cotton Candy Skies" (WL World)
"Unexpected Family" (WL World)
"Merely Mortal" (WL World)
My review:

Wicked Lovely series' covers are absolutely gorgeous and Faery Tales and Nightmares' cover is so pretty too! I love the girl's dress, how she is staring at the window and the dark background. It gives an eerie feeling to the book.
4 Forget-me-not flowers for the cover!

12 Enthralling Short Stories...

Okay, so I never reviewed a book full of short stories. I won't go reviewing each short story since it's going to be a long review so I'm going to review the book in general. Obviously the short stories I enjoyed most were the ones set in Wicked Lovely world with characters from Wicked Lovely. As usual, Marr's stories are beautifully written. I adored every one of them. Once again, I am sucked into the world of faeries, adoring the beauty of Faes, the summer world, the winter world and meeting the characters from Wicked Lovely series again. I loved how there were quite a few short stories involving Niall and Irial since they were one of my favourite characters in the book. Some of the short stories are set after Ink Exchange and some were set after Fragile Eternity. I love the last short story too : "Merely Mortal" which is about Keenan and Donia! There were also short stories with Seth and Aislinn, Devlin and Sorcha! I absolutely love how these short stories are all compiled into a book and how Marr's other short stories published in Teeth and Enthralled are in this book as well. I enjoy reading Transition too. It was a short story about vampires!
Melissa Marr's writing never ceases to take readers into a world filled with faeries, vampires and other beautiful paranormal creatures. If you love Marr's Wicked Lovely series, then you should definitely read this book because it also contains numerous short stories set in the world of Wicked Lovely! Faery Tales and Nightmares will bring you once again a taste of Melissa Marr's beautiful, enthralling and gorgeous writing.

4 Forget-me-not flowers for Faery Tales and Nightmares!
 Thank you Harper Collins Australia for the review copy!


  1. I haven't read the Wicked Lovely series, but it sounds fabulous! This book sounds just as great. I've never read short stories, but I'm glad you enjoyed all of them. :) Wonderful review, Celine!

  2. *copies review* *pastes review on my blog* No, I can't do that? x) LOL it's just that your review sums up how I felt about this book PERFECTLY, Celine! I don't really write reviews for anthologies or short story collections either unless they're review copies, but I think you made this a great length! :) I think I enjoyed the WL stories most too because I love MM's characters, and it was so much fun to read more about them!

    Amazing review, Celine! :) I kind of have to admit that I'd buy this book for the cover alone LOL (because I'm a cover hog like that) <3

  3. This is on my wishlist, love the cover and delighted by your review!

  4. Welll...I haven't read Melissa Marr's previous books, BUT I definitely have to get started on this one<3 hahaa, I haven't reviewed a book full of short stories too before (I don't think I've read one, either? hmm....I can't remember..)..Since I won a copy of this beauty, I'll have to read it soon! Fabulous review, Celinee<3

  5. Hi Celine! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I'm following you now! :) I've read Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely but haven't read her entire series. I'm thinking of reading collections of short stories and anthologies for a change. And wow - I love how you sum up the whole book in your review. I'll add this to my wishlist! Great review!

  6. I feel horrible for not reading the Wicked Lovely series! I blame my irrational fear of faeries. Everyone seems to have great opinions of this collection, and I am strangely drawn to it. I think I'll pick it up next time I'm very busy and can't afford to start a whole novel. You made it sound so good!
    Lovely review, Celine! :)

  7. Brilliant review, Celine! I enjoyed the Wicked Lovely series quite a bit and love MM's writing style. This sounds like something I might enjoy!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh, Merely Mortal is hilarious! Like you, Celine, I enjoyed reading that one particular story so much. Melissa Marr sure has a gift in writing! Her writing is sooo beautiful and I think that's one of the reasons why I like reading her books! <3

    Amazing review, Celine! <3

    *Sorry for the deleted comment, I messed up and clicked the publish button when I haven't done writing my comment yet x(

  10. I haven't read anything by this author and I would love to give her a try. I have Graveminder on my tbr list.

  11. First, the cover is absolutely gorgeous :)

    I have been in a reading slump; and perhaps this set of short stories is just what I need to pull me out? Thanks for the great review!
    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  12. Can you believe that I haven't read anything by Melissa? Yet! I've wanted to read Graveminder for awhile. This book sounds good too - I like short stories. And I agree, this cover is beautiful. Great review, Celine!

  13. Ahhh! Celine! I have a copy of this thanks to an AMAZING blogger I know. You might have heard of her? She's only the coolest thing since the internet was invented :D I have to make some time soon to fit this in, because I miss the WL series! And this sounds like a brilliant peek back in on the characters, while offering something fresh. Plus, you mentioned Irial and Niall in a few stories, which has me totally hooked :D


  14. I won this from the Valentine's giveaway and I am SOOOO EXCITED TO READ IT! Your review is making me even more excited. I don't have any other short story compilations either, btu I'm looking forward to this one. I think I just have to read The Wicked Lovely series before I should read this one. :P Have you heard that Julie Kagawa is releasing something similar this year? I want to get my hands on that one as well!

  15. Great review!! This book sounds awesome so I will have to check it out :D

    I won this one, from another awesome blogger... hmmm... think her name's Br-something? Briana? Brigid... Brodie, maybe? :P
    SO excited to read it! I LOVED the Wicked Lovely books, and OMFG! SETH AND AISLINN AND KEENAN AND DONIA AND OISFHSHGJFG NIALL AND IRIAL *weeps* so excited to read! AMAZING REVIEW! xx ♥♥♥

  17. It's unusual to have a YA author writing an entire book of short stories by herself. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! That cover is GORGEOUS. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  18. Last year (I think) when I read Wicked Lovely I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE with Melissa Marr's writing and the faery world she created. I found it fascinating! But, truth to be said, I fell behind on her series and didn't read anything else about her...

    But now you just made me want to read about her again! *excited* I didn't know there would also be short stories with WL's characters, so that's even more awesome! I really need to get this one.


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