Review Policy

Thank you for checking out this page. So, you're probably wondering what kinds of books I would love to review! Here's my review policy:

1. The genres I read mostly are paranormal, dystopian and contemporary. I am quite flexible with any genres but I only review YA books at the moment since I mainly read YA books.

2. I prefer reading hard copies of the book but of course, I would still consider e-books. However, I will prioritise books in the format of hard copy as I find it easier to read compared to e-books. 

3. I would love to accept ARCs or finished copies from any authors and publishers but again, I prefer hard copies. Please refer to number 2 as to why I prefer hard copies. 

4. Books I reviewed are based on my honest opinions after reading the book. My reviews can be both positive and negative, depending on what I thought about the book. 

5. If I am interested in reading your book and you have sent me a hard copy, you are always welcome to email me if you want an exact date as to when I should post the review and I will try my best to make sure it's posted by then! Please do give me some time to read it! :)

6. When I have accepted the review copy and finished reading it, my review will contain the picture of the cover, publishing details, my review that comes in the format of cover review, story review, characters review and overall review, a rating, author contact details, where to buy the books from and possible extra details such as book trailers or sequels.

7. This is my rating system:
Absolutely recommended! Unforgettable. You will never forget this book. It will stick in your mind, perhaps forever.
An enjoyable read that you will not forget. A little something would make it completely unforgettable but definitely recommended to read!
It's still an enjoyable read although some parts I did enjoy and some parts I don't.
I didn't enjoy the book but I still finished reading it.
I didn't finish the book or dropped it.
 8. I do not receive or accept payments from the books I review.

9. I would also love to host giveaways and blog tours.

10. Lastly, thank you for considering me to review your book. I'm honoured!

11. Any more questions or queries? Just send an email to

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