Interviews + Guest Posts

Amy Plum, Author of Die For Me
Andrea Cremer, Author of the Nightshade trilogy (Guest post for Aussie blog tour!)
Cat Patrick, Author of Forgotten
Cath Crowley, Author of Graffiti Moon (Aussie author!)
David Estes, Author of Angel Evolution
Jill Hathaway, Author of Slide
Marianne Curley, Author of Hidden (Guest post for blog tour + Aussie author!)
M.J Hearle, Author of Winter's Shadow & Winter's Light (Aussie author!) 
Interview 1: Winter's Shadow | Interview 2: Winter's Light
Sue Lawson, Author of Forget me not (Guest post for blog tour + Aussie author!)
Yelena Black, Author of Dance of Shadows (Guest post for blog tour)
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