Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blog Interview: Jill Hathaway

Hello everyone! Please help me welcome Jill Hathaway today! Jill is the author of Slide (HarperCollins, March 27th 2012). Now let us check out her answers to the interview questions!
1. What inspired you to write about the idea of someone being able to 'slide'?
I was trying to think of a really shocking premise, and I thought it would be so freaky if you realized you just killed someone but didn't know how or why. From that, the idea of sliding into other people's heads evolved. 
2. What made you decide to have Vee's hair colour Pink? (which by the way is totally awesome!) I wanted her to be a little bit edgy. She used to be a popular cheerleader, but some things happened that made her turn away from that crowd. She wanted to mark that separation with her appearance, as well.

3. Do you read YA books as well? Can you please name a few recent reads that you really loved? Oh, yes. I read a TON of YA. Recently I just read and loved FRACTURE by Megan Miranda and HALLOWED by Cynthia Hand. 

4. If Slide was to be a movie, which actors or actresses would you pick to play Vee, Zane and Rollins?  
This is so hard because I don't go to as many movies or watch TV as much as I used to. When I wrote the book, I had Jared Leto (in his Jordan Catalano days) in mind for Rollins. Zane is more like Nate from Gossip Girl. And Dakota Fanning would be fabulous as Vee, I think!

5. Quick question: Twitter or Facebook? 
Oooh, this is hard. I'm going to have to go with Facebook.
Thank you so much for your time, Jill! Are you excited to read Slide? Check out my review here

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