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#81 Book Review: Three Summers

Three Summers
Release Date: March 12th 2012
Author: Judith Clarke
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy: Fishpond
More Info: Goodreads
Summary from Goodreads:The path of Ruth's life was shaped in one fateful moment when, as a baby, she was tossed clear from a car wreck. Her grandmother raised her, with a fierce hope that she would one day go to university and see every marvellous place in the world.
When Ruth and her best friend Fee finish school, Fee chooses motherhood and marriage. Ruth knows that she must leave town, but that means leaving Tam Finn, the elusive yet entrancing boy so unlike any other she has ever met.
An extraordinary story of friendship, longing and the saving grace of love. 
My review:

The cover is quite gorgeous. I love how the girl's hair seems to be blown away by the wind and the summer feeling in the cover!

3 Forget-me-not flowers for Three Summers!

A story of life, friendship and love...

Three Summers is a book about love, school, life which is mostly set during summer. The book started out quite slow and romance wasn't a main aspect in the book yet it was still enjoyable. Written from Ruth's POV, the book explores Ruth's life from her friendship with Fee, her scholarship achievement to go to University in Sydney and her love for Tam Finn, the mysterious and elusive boy. The book is split into three sections to show the things happening in Ruth's three summers and I loved Judith Clarke's writing style. Sadly, the story plot didn't quite hooked me into the book and at times, the book was really slow paced and there weren't many things happening between Ruth and Tam. The ending was quite disappointing and it was definitely not what I expected.

Ruth was an enjoyable character to read. She lives with her grandmother who wants her to go to University and when she got the scholarship, she is happy and sad at the same time. She's happy because her grandmother will definitely be happy yet she is sad because it means leaving her home and her love, Tam Finn. I enjoyed reading her friendship with Fee and the scenes between her and Tam. I just wished there were more scenes between Ruth and Tam because it was really enjoyable to read about. Fee was an awesome friend who really understands Ruth and Ruth's grandmother was a loving figure who keeps Ruth 'on track' with her life.

Three Summers is a story of friendship, life, love and making decisions. This Aussie YA was overall an enjoyable read although the story didn't quite hooked me and I wished there were more scenes between Ruth and Tam in the story. If you're interested in Aussie YA, you should definitely give this book a try!
3 Forget-me-not flowers for Three Summers!
Thank you Allen & Unwin for the review copy!


  1. I definitely want to read this! I've read another of Judith's books and I enjoyed that too - great review :)

  2. Oh, an Aussie YA? Me want it! xD I haven't read many Australian YA since it's really hard to get my hand on them. I love the premise of this book, and the cover is so pretty! It's too bad that you're not exactly blown away by this book, Celine! Every time I read a disappointing ending, I just want to email the author and tell them to rewrite the ending LOL! :P

    Awesome review nonetheless! Thank you for putting this book on my radar! <3

  3. I've not heard about this book till I read your review. It sounds really good. Sorry to hear the ending wasn't good. Great review, Celine. I should add this to my to-read list.

  4. I haven't heard of this book before. What a pretty cover! I love Books set in Austrailia. I'm happy you enjoyed Three Summers. Great review!

  5. Awww, that cover really does get me into the summer mood! I've been trying to make a comeback in contemporary reads to make up for all the ones I haven't read, so I could HUG you for posting this now, Celine! x) Even if it didn't grab you like you hoped it would, Ruth and her friends sound like GREAT characters to read about. Plus, it's so awesome that this book was written by an Aussie author! I've only read a handful so far (Hunting Lila for one example!!) but all the ones that I HAVE picked up were fantastic! :)

    Amazing review, Celine! Way to put another sweet-sounding book on my already multiplying book radar! ;) <3

  6. Wow, Celine, this story sounds so sweet and lovely and bittersweet... but I'm sorry it's not quite what you expected :(
    Ah well. Glad you still liked it, m'dear! xx

  7. I have never come across this before but that cover is gorgeous! It's a shame this wasn't as great as you might have hoped but I'm glad to hear there are still great parts to this story. I will have to check it out! great review! :)

  8. I love Aussie YA and this one sounds like a great summer read! I'll have to check it out, for sure!

  9. Though I don't really enjoy romance and slow pace story but maybe I'll try on this book for a change.

    Aai Marsh @ Books With Marshmallows


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