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#36 Book Review: Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark (Carrier Trilogy #1)
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 342
Published: October 4th 2011
Author: Leigh Fallon
Source: Owned
Format: Paperback

Summary from Goodreads:
From the moment she sets foot at her new school in Ireland, Megan is inexplicably drawn to the darkly handsome Adam DeRis. But Megan soon discovers that her feelings for Adam are tied to a supernatural fate that was sealed long ago—and that the passion and power that unites them could be their ultimate destruction.

This electrifying debut novel was first discovered on the online community for aspiring writers. THE CARRIER OF THE MARK sizzles with unbridled romance, a unique supernatural hook, and a breathtaking Irish setting, and will entice fans of the Need series by Carrie Jones and the House of Night series by P. C. and Kristin Cast.

My review:

Very gorgeous! I love the blue dress and how there are swirls of blue in the bottom of the cover as if it's forming the girl's dress. And the back cover is connected with the bottom of the cover because it forms a heart made out of those blue swirls. Very attractive and eye-catching!

5 Forget-me-not flowers for the cover!
The things I absolutely love from this book is the Irish mythology and setting. Although I have to admit, with all the hype going on out there with this book, I was a bit disappointed. For me, it didn't live up to its hype. I really wanted this book to live up to its hype since the cover was gorgeous and I am really intrigued by the summary but when I read it, it didn't quite 'hooked' me into the book. At times, I felt like I really wanted to finish this book quickly because I didn't quite enjoyed it and at times, I do really enjoy the story of the myths and all about the Carrier of the Mark. 

I do understand that many bloggers have compared this book to Twilight. I don't want to compare it with Twilight. Each books are always different in their own ways. I do have to say there are some similarities such as instant attraction but the myths, setting and the paranormal theme is completely different. Sometimes I feel quite confused about the Carrier of the Mark concept, but I do get it towards the end of the book. What made this book an enjoyable read was putting yourself in Ireland, living in this beautiful place with a very interesting Irish myth about the Carrier of the Mark, Royal Bloods, The Order and the element powers. The 4 element powers in this book made the book really interesting and I love the way Fallon described it. I can actually imagine having these powers myself and having difficulties in controlling it.

This book's pacing was quite too fast for me. Adam and Meghan's instant attraction was just too quick. It was only weeks and the way Adam directly expressed his feelings to Meghan was just too sudden and quick. They also got together very fast. So many explanations that I didn't quite catch until the end but I still enjoy the romance and the action! Lucky the ending wasn't a cliffhanger!

As I said above, the characters' attraction felt too quick for me. I don't mind the insta-attraction but the way they got together before even knowing each other, well that was too quick for me. I can't really blame the characters. I've never experienced insta-love myself but perhaps that's what they feel. They just want to be together without even knowing each other. I do love the way Adam wants to protect Meghan with his whole life and he was never a jerk in the book. Meghan was a strong character too and I can quite connect to her. I also enjoyed other characters such as Aine, Rian and also Caitlin.

A great debut with a unique concept, set in one of the beautiful countries in the world! It was an enjoyable read but the pacing felt too quick for me. It wasn't a very addictive read and although I am not quite dying to read the sequel, I am still looking forward to it!

4 Forget-me-not flowers for Carrier of the Mark!
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