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#183 Book Review: Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2)
Release Date: 8 January 2013
Author: Veronica Rossi
Publisher: Atom (Hachette Australia)
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy:  Fishpond | Booktopia
More Info: Goodreads

Aria has struggled to build a life for herself outside Reverie. It hasn't be easy adjusting to life in the wilderness but that struggle has been worth it with Perry by her side. 

But Perry has other challenges. His people are looking to him for answers. Answers about what happened to his nephew and what's happening to their world. And they don't trust the priviledged Aria, one of the enemy, in their midst. 

Soon he'll be forced to chose between the tribe that looks to him for leadership and the girl that looks to him for love.
While this cover does not match my copy of Under the Never Sky, the background looks cool! I still adore the US cover more but I like how the sky reflects the title of the book.


The search for Still Blue begins...

A year ago, I read a wonderful brilliant book called Under the Never Sky. With great story plot, balanced with the right amount of romance and action, Veronica Rossi's debut stole my breath away. I loved it THAT much but after reading Through the Ever Night? This might just be Rossi's best book yet.

Through the Ever Night focuses on Perry's life as a Blood Lord of Tides and the search for Still Blue. Life has changed for Perry. He now has a tribe to lead and take care of, becoming a barrier which prevents the freedom of his relationship with Aria. Aria is still considered the outsider and finds it difficult to ease her way smoothly into the hearts of the Tides. What stands out most for me in this book is the theme of love and friendship. This is reflected among many characters, including Perry, Aria, Roar and Liv. I particularly adored the scene where we finally meet Liv. If you read Roar and Liv, then you know their story. But! Rossi throws a jaw-dropping surprise towards the end of the book. Well, I might be exaggerating but I am THIS ready to read Into the Still Blue!

While I still adore Perry and Aria's relationship, the friendship built between Aria and Roar is such a sweet thing! Now we know that Roar is meant for Liv, but his smooth-talking and kindness gives him the spotlight in this book. Perry still owns a majority of the spotlight, but part of it belongs to Roar and his story. The character development in this book is particularly major. We can see the change in Perry's attitude and behaviour; a mature development as he embraces his role of the Blood Lord of Tides. As for Aria, she continues to grow as a strong and calm heroine who willingly fights for her loved ones. In this book, we also meet Sable and while his description in the first book makes him appear as though he is an evil man, he is shown to be a quite likeable Blood Lord in Through the Ever Night. I also really liked Cinder even though he sometimes annoys me! But if I had to choose, I am definitely choosing Talon over Cinder!

Through the ever night, will Perry and Aria's relationship withstand the storms of Aether? Through the Ever Night brings us one step closer to the Still Blue. While maintaining a great story plot, Veronica Rossi has written a fantastic sequel with impressive character development. Absolutely can't wait for Into the Still Blue!
5 Forget-Me-Not flowers for Through the Ever Night!
Thank you Hachette Australia for the review copy!

Check out the book trailer below!


  1. Awww...EVERYONE's raving about this sequel...I NEED MY OWN COPY NOW. Glad to see Aria and Roar are getting along so well :D Ooohh LIVVVVV! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER<3333 AND I need to read Roar & Liv ASAP! :) Fab review, hun <3

  2. I completely agree with you, Celine, Roar stole the book! I loved the development of both Perry and Aria, loved how mature they were both individually and together, but it was Roar who kept me glued to my seat the entire time I was reading this.
    Lovely review, darling!

  3. Oh perfect review, Celine! I completely agree with all of your points there. Wasn't Roar just brilliant? I liked him well enough in the first book, but I was completely in love with his character in this one. Perry and Aria were just fantastic too. I am definitely ready for book 3! :)

  4. Eep! I am so glad you loved this, Celine! I adored the friendship between Aria and Roar as well and am so curious to see how all of them grow in the sequel. Plus, I need more Perry! ;) Fantastic review, dear! :)

  5. I still haven't read this book, and I really loved Under the Never Sky. I guess I'm going to have to read it soon, because your review reminded me of how awesome it will be once I do! Great review!

  6. HI DER CELINE. Ok, so I've been seeing so many raving reviews of Through the Ever Night, and now that I've read yours asdklfjasdfhasf my desire and need for the book has risen to new heights!!!! EVERYONE seems to love it and I can't remember the last time I saw a less than 5 star review of it. -.-' MUST. GET. MY. HANDS. ON. THE PRECIOUSSS. OOOH I have quite a soft spot for Roar. :') He's so smooth and cool!! Lovely review, Celine doll. :D

  7. I scanned your review, because I'm very afraid to read anything spoilerish, since I still haven't read Under the never sky. I'm really planning to pick it up next month, since everybody is so raving about this series. I'm happy that you liked it so much Celine :D


  8. I seriously need to read this! Everyone says good things about it and I should have a copy heading my way soon, I'm excited. I love that there's change in this one. Great review, Celine! :)

  9. Wow!! I should definitely read this. I loved Under The Never Sky, and I've already bought Through The Ever Night...
    I am so glad the sequel is as good as the first one! I love your review and your overall blog. New follower!!

    Please follow back. Thank you ^^
    Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

  10. CELIIIIINE! I'm so glad you loved it, my dear! ♥
    Seriously, I thought it was as good as UtNS. And YES! ARIA AND ROAR! I mean, not like THAT, but their friendship was beautiful ♥

  11. Yay, you gave this 5! I still have to read Under the Never Sky and then I can gt to this. Hope I love this series as much as you, hun!


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