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#179 Book Review: The Vincent Brothers

The Vincent Brothers 
Release Date: January 2013
Author: Abbi Glines
Publisher: Hot Key Books (Five Mile Press)
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy:  Fishpond | Booktopia
More Info: Goodreads
Smouldering Sawyer Vincent is in a bad way after his break-up with Ashton Gray. Losing the girl he dreamed of marrying is bad enough, but to lose her to his brother Beau is plain humiliating. But Sawyer won't be alone for long - not if Ashton's cousin Lana has her way. Lana's grown up to be a pouting femme fatale and she wants Sawyer, real bad. But deep down, will Lana ever feel good enough to compete with Ashton in Sawyer's eyes? She's red hot, but inside, Lana's still the shy geeky girl she used to be. Lana's gonna need all her sexy powers of persuasion to make this gorgeous Vincent boy her man...
Smouldering! Lana looks really on fire there with her transformation. The guys are still the same guys in The Vincent Boys' cover though now Beau is in front of the car while Sawyer is on the truck. I just adore the Aussie cover!


Healing a broken heart is not easy for Sawyer...but Lana's ready to make him forget... 

The Vincent Boys leaves Sawyer heart-broken. So even 6 months after their break up, Sawyer still can't recover from his relationship with Ashton. Ashton is very much in love with Beau. But, when sweet Lana transformed for the summer, Sawyer finds himself in an uncertain position. Lana can be a great distraction to make Ashton jealous or perhaps a girl to heal his wounded heart.

The Vincent Brothers now features Sawyer and Ashton's cousin, Lana. The story is written from both of their POVs. While I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of The Vincent Boys for Beau and Ashton, I knew that Sawyer needed his own book. I wanted to know if he would find his real love. But as usual, Abbi's writing successfully captures the hot feeling of summer. It's currently summer here in Australia and what a perfect book this is for summer. The ending made me feel incredibly happy. I've read The Vincent Brothers before it was published but the published version had the epilogue 4 years later and even the wedding scene between the Vincent boys and their girls!

Who would have thought that the good, polite Sawyer changed in this book? In the beginning, Sawyer acted more and more like Beau before he was together with Ashton. When Lana came into Sawyer's story, I was glad because Sawyer needed someone who he can truly love without Ashton to overshadow. But Sawyer made quite a few mistakes along the way of his relationship with Lana. I was annoyed with him because it took him so long to truly get over Ashton. Lana herself is a sweet girl who I sympathised with. She wanted to be someone's number one which her parents could not do. We also get to see Ashton and Beau in this book and I adore how amazing their relationship is. Always so lovey-dovey! (I might have preferred Beau over Sawyer just a bit more!) Nevertheless, everything was well with the ending and I wish Lana and Sawyer have their happily ever after!

Trying to find a perfect summer read? Definitely check out The Vincent Boys and The Vincent Brothers! The two charming Vincent boys' stories capture the hot feeling of summer and you will love Abbi's sizzling writing too. While The Vincent Brothers focuses on Sawyer and Lana, fans of The Vincent Boys will still get to see Beau and Ashton as well!
5 Forget-Me-Not flowers for The Vincent Brothers!
Thank you Five Mile Press for the review copy!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Celine! Abbi Glines is an author that never seems to work for me, but I'm thrilled she works for you. Amazing review, dear! :)

  2. Ohh, I must be the last person on the planet who hasn't met Beau OR Sawyer yet! I should probably change that soon. But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Lovely review.

  3. Oh I love the Aussie covers, much more realistic than ours! I'm so glad that you loved this book too Celine, Rachel is a huge fan of this series too, and I think I must pick it up soon too! Another brilliant review Celine! :)

  4. My brain has been tricked. I don't know if I should read this series. it looks so yummy but I can't tell if I l'll love. OH, I'M SO CONFUSED!

  5. Smouldering cover is right! I don't think I've seen this cover edition before, and let me tell you it's a tremendous improvement from the one with a girl licking a green apple (ewww). But anyhow, I'm really glad you enjoyed this, Celine! So many readers seem to be in love with this author..
    Excellent review as always, darling!

  6. Wow, that good? I want thisssss! Im convinced! I must have this book! Great review Celine. x

  7. I have some catching up to do! I have had the Kindle version of The Vincent Boys for months but haven't read it yet. Good to know the sequel is really good, too!

  8. I didn't have that great of an experience with Abbi Glines after reading one of her books. But everyone seems to love her contemporaries! Perhaps I'm missing out. Glad you loved it, Celine! Lovely review. :)

  9. I need to catch up too! Haven't even read the first book, which I have! The Vincent Brothers does sound so good from your review! Can't wait to read it!

  10. Loved this one I think a little more than The Vincent Boys. Thrilled that you did too, Celine! Sawyer really changed and although he ticked me off, he really came through in the end. The epilogues were so wonderful! Great review. :)

  11. OMG. Celine, where have these books been all my life? Hot guys, steamy romance, sizzling writing??? I NEED to read these ASAP! I've actually been in the mood for a heavy romance for quite some time so these seem like the perfect books for me during the hols. I hope everything turns out okay for Sawyer in the end, he sounds sweet and deserving of a good relationship. Stupid Ashton! >.< Anyway, lovely review sweetie! :)

  12. Oh my goodness! Why haven't I heard of this book before?!?! (Maybe because I've been MIA for 6 months..hmm….) It sounds amazing and I'm glad you loved it. Hopefully I can get to reading this one day! *squeals* Brilliant review Celine. I see you've reached the level of SUPER awesome while I've been gone! <3

    Lisa | Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me

  13. SMOULDERING? Celine! Phwoar!
    The cover looks just like a movie poster!
    I seriously need to get myself into gear and find out what Abbi Glines is all about -- everyone's been RAVING about her, and now you too? Eeeee! it sounds GOOD! ♥

  14. Hello! Does anyone know who the models on the book cover are? Thank you:)


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