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#158 Book Review: Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It
Release Date: September 26th 2012
Author: Ali Cronin
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
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More Info: Goodreads
Summary from Goodreads:
Cass is in love with Adam. Jack is in love with Cass. Rich is hiding a secret. But what about Ash? Ashley has no secrets. She's a player and everyone knows it. When gorgeous Dylan doesn't seem interested, she pretends not to mind - but behind her playful facade does Ashley really want something more?

I'm not really liking the cover like the first book in the series, No Such Thing as Forever. The legs intertwining are quite typical of a contemporary novel but I guess it's an okay cover for the book.


Ashley has a reputation for a wild life. Will she ever find 'The One'?

Rumour Has It is the second book in the Girl Heart Boy series. While I did enjoy the first book, I think I enjoyed the second book more. Basically, this book tells the story of Ashley, Sarah's friend. The book is written from her POV and ventures her life as 'the player' and how she eventually finds someone she wants to be with perhaps permanently.

The story plot reflects teenagers' life including parties, sex and school. However, this book is different to the first book or Sarah's story. Unlike Sarah's story, Ashley actually finds 'The One' which makes me really happy. The story itself is really enjoyable and Ali Cronin's writing is easy to relate to. The romance is also sweet, sometimes frustrating but mainly heart-warming!

The main character in this book is Ashley so we definitely get to know more about her than the first book. I have to admit, in the beginning, Ashley frustrates me. She acts as though she enjoys being a 'player' although she's not. But she keeps on doing so and I want to tell her to stop it since she also likes another guy. But as the story develops, she tries to better understand herself and finally stops acting as though she doesn't care about what other people are saying about her 'wild life'.

The main love interest is called Dylan. I actually really like him, unlike Joe in No Such Thing as Forever who merely uses Sarah for sex. I thought Dylan doesn't like Ashley in the beginning since he never gives any signs that he likes her although clearly, I'm wrong! Dylan is cute and he's completely suitable for Ashley!

Ashley's friends also make an appearance in this book such as Sarah, Cass, Donna, Ollie, Rich and Jack. I don't really like Cass since her boyfriend is a jerk but she keeps on defending him. I also like how the guys are supportive of Ashley and always ready to help her!

Rumour Has It is the pleasant second book in the Girl Heart Boy series, telling Ashley's story as she discovers that she's falling in love with a cute guy despite her reputation for living a 'wild life'. With realistic story plot and enjoyable characters, if you enjoy No Such Thing as Forever, then you'll definitely enjoy Rumour Has It too! 
4 Forget-Me-Not flowers for Rumour Has It!
Thank you Penguin Australia for the review copy!


  1. I've never heard of this series, Celine but it sounds like my kind of book. I'm wondering if you need to read the first to read the 2nd, this one. Great review Celine. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of this series until now, but I'll definitely be checking it out soon. It sounds exactly like something I would read.

    Thanks for the review. :)

  3. I haven't heard about this series before. But it sounds good though. Great review!

  4. I've heard of this series but it hasn't really appealed to me. Glad you're enjoying them though! Another lovely review. ;)

  5. I really must get my hands on this series soon! I know Mandee reviewed them and loved them and after seeing your positive rating too, I just know I'll adore these books. I hope I can find a copy soon! Fantastic review, Celine!(:

    Ivy Book Bindings

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed this one - even more than the first one. I must admit that they don't sound like books I would read, but it was fun to see your thoughts :)

  7. I'm almost certain this book isn't for me. The synopsis is putting me off big time, and I can't say I'm too keen on that cover either. BUT you do make it sound somewhat appealing. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lovely review hun!

  8. I still remember the cover of the first book and I don't think this one's any better. :( Good thing you liked this one better though, Celine. It's always a plus point for me when the characters find their 'the one'.

  9. Oooh, Celine, I'm with you. The cover's not really doing anything for me, but it sounds fun. Not a big Deep Issue book, but fun! Seriously wonderful review as ALWAYS, love! ♥

  10. That is quite an... animated cover. I couldn't think of a better adjective, ha. This one sounds like candy sweetness, adorable and light for a day to relax... I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Celine, even more than the first. I plan on reading the series sometime soon as well. :)

    Great review!!


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