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Love Notes from Vinegar House Blog Tour - Author Q & A

Hey guys! Today, I have a lovely Q&A with Karen Tayleur, author of Love Notes from Vinegar House! If you've read my review, then you'll remember how much I enjoyed reading the book! I love how haunting, chilling and gorgeously written this book was. Isn't the cover quite creepy but gorgeous too? I think it reflects the story well! I would also like to thank Jennifer from Walker Books Australia for putting this blog tour together! Anyway, onto the Q&A...

What inspired you to write Love Notes from Vinegar House?

I love a good gothic novel, so I set myself the task to write one. The combination of a love interest, mystery and things that go bump in the night is a lot of fun.

Have you ever experienced anything strange like Freya, Rumer and the mysterious love notes in the book?

As a teenager I had a recurring dream about an event that took place in a time when the women wore long skirted outfits, their hair dressed elaborately - hard to pinpoint when this was. I do remember the location - the ballroom where the event took place. It had several marble fireplaces and I was not part of the festivities but sat on the mantlepiece of one of the fireplaces watching the intricate dance steps and the chatter.
I told my best friend about the dream - we loved to scare ourselves with the idea of ghosts and things that could not be explained.
Much later, at my engagement party, my friend took me aside and pointed out the marble fireplaces.
The layout of the ballroom was the same.
It was the home of my future husband - he lived in a huge old homestead.
Pretty interesting...

What is the scariest book you've ever read and the scariest movie you've ever watched?

The Shining.
I think it was the combination of horror and not knowing the line between reality and what was happening in the protagonist's mind.
A black and white movie when I was a kid about a man who had an illness which caused him to fall into a deep coma and appear dead. He spent his life convinced he would be buried alive. There was a haunting tune that was whistled in the fog. Very spooky...

If you had the choice of living in a hotel known to be 'haunted' or vinegar house, which one would you choose and why?

I love Vinegar House. It's comfortable and a bit tatty and it has history. And it has Mrs Skelton who can always guarantee an overcooked lemon tart or roast, or Luke Hart casually working up a sweat outside in the garden. Of course, you can't leave your room in the middle of the night...

What do you think of the cover of Love Notes from Vinegar House?

I love it - aren't those designers clever? It really evokes the spooky midnight mystery of Vinegar House which is at its scariest in the wee hours of the morning. Covers are very hard to get right. I hope my readers like it.

Quick questions:
Chocolate or chips?
Chocolate, unless I'm angry and then I'll have chips.

Ghosts or Vampires?
Ghosts, more romantic and not as messy.

Indoors or outdoors?
Indoors, unless I'm camping strangely enough...

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Oh I absolutely love Karen's answers! And Karen's experience with her dream was interesting. I haven't actually heard of The Shining but I did a little Google search and found out that it was written by Stephen King! It sounds really scary. The cover of Love Notes from Vinegar House is gorgeous. I love how Karen preferred ghosts over vampires and chocolates. I LOVE CHOCOLATES TOO! Thank you Karen for taking her time to answer the questions and Jennifer from Walker Books Australia for putting this blog tour together!  


  1. Did I mention I am easily spooked? Well, I am. =)) I'd be scared as ugh if I had prophetic dreams. I mean, imagine how it would feel like waking up from a nightmare and dreading it would come true. No, please no. I'd rather I was pleasantly surprised by life.

    Great interview, Celine :D

  2. Wonderful interview Celine! I've been having my eye on this book for awhile and you've made me even more excited to finally get my hands on it! It sounds amazing, scary, and unique and I loved your insightful questions!(:

    Ivy Book Bindings

  3. Ooh, chocolate! That's my favorite food too! (Yes, I think chocolate is food, also suitable for breakfast) This is such a fun interview! I love Karen's answers! Especially when she had dreams about marble fireplaces and it turns out that it's the home of her future husband. That's exceptional! <3 I really like the title of this book anyway. Vinegar house? We don't hear these words together a lot! xD

  4. Oh I love Karen already. ;) Great interview! That strange experience she had sure is creepy... but very cool too! I reckon if something like that had happened to me, I would be spooked for life. ;)

  5. I LOVE hearing about dream experiences where you find the people, places or scenarios appear in your actual life. It's a little freaky, but FASCINATING. I always record my dreams. I had a dream about a friend that sort of manifested a few years later in her life and it was such a "whoa..." moment.

    I love Karen's answers and if possible, I'm even MORE eager to read the book after your blog coverage, Celine!

  6. Wow the dream coincidence is so spooky! I can't believe it was the house of her future husband! I used to have a reoccurring nightmare that scarred the you-know-what out of me to the point of dreading sleep for a while. Finally got over it with a suggestion from a friend.

    I loved the sound of this story since your review, Celine! Great interview. I really must get a copy. :)

  7. Ahahahaha! I LOVE the idea that ghosts are the neater option ^__^

    And the dream? Oh. Wow.
    That is AMAZING :O
    Celine, AMAZING interview! Such brilliant questions and I love Karen's answers! SO curious about the book, now! ♥


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