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#97 Book Review: Allegiance

Allegiance (Legacy #2)
Release Date: Out now!
Author: Cayla Kluver
Publisher: Harlequin Teen Australia
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy: Harlequin Books | Amazon | The Book Depository
More Info: Goodreads
Summary from Goodreads:
Only I saw Narian for who he truly was: a young man with courage and an independent mind, and made to pay for what was outside his control. He couldn't help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep-blue eyes pierced me and held me captive.

An eighteen-year-old queen in love with the enemy as their countries pass the point of no return...

Bound to a man she cannot love, Queen Alera of Hytanica must forget Narian, the young man who holds her heart. For Narian is destined to conquer Hytanica at the behest of his master, the powerful magic-user known as the Overlord. Alera doesn't truly believe Narian will fight against Hytanica-until Cokyrian troops attack with Narian commanding the charge.

Faced with the greatest betrayal a heart can know, Alera must set aside personal feelings and lead her kingdom through its darkest time. And when all hope, will and courage seem lost, she must find strength and remember that even the blackest night must have a dawn....
My review:

I loved Allegiance's cover more than Legacy's cover. I love the soothing night feel of the cover, the background and how the girl is staring at the moon as if something is going to happen and it will change everything.


Even the blackest night must have a dawn...

Allegiance once again really impressed me! I read Legacy just recently which I really enjoyed and I'm really glad that the second book is as good as the first one or yet, even better! I was amazed at how Cayla was able to sweep us into this historical world of the Hytanicans and Cokyrians and how she can describe everything without leaving any details behind. Allegiance no longer tells the story of the peaceful kingdom of Hytanica. It is a story of war between the kingdom of Hytanica and Cokyria. Alera was no longer a Princess in this book. She now carries a responsibility of becoming a Queen for her kingdom after her marriage with Steldor. I loved how things are further explained and Cayla's details of everything happening in the book was amazing. Her detailed descriptions and writing makes me able to imagine living in her stories and world. There were lots of action scenes in this book and the ending left me absolutely content. I loved how the book ends but I still can't wait for the last book, Sacrifice!

I love how Alera has developed as a character in Allegiance. In Legacy, she is a Princess who is pretty much just a 'pretty figure' in the kingdom who does not have a say in anything and pretty much can't do anything. In Allegiance, she is no longer just a princess. She is a Queen and she succeeds being one. She can rule her Kingdom, deal with the Cokyrians such as striking a bargain with them, she is brave and does not hesitate to risk herself if it means saving her family and kingdom. I feel sad for her because even though she is married to Steldor, her heart is still bound to Narian. Steldor also improved as a character. His arrogance is still there, yet he becomes more gentle and kind towards Alera. By the end of the book, I feel sad for Steldor but adore his understanding for Alera. Narian is barely in the book yet whenever he appears, I rejoice the moments because I think he is perfect for Alera. I love how he still tries to protect her even though he is no longer by his side. My other favourite character is London, one of the Elite guards. I really loved discovering more about who he was in this book and how he is willing to sacrifice himself for his loyalty to the kingdom.

Allegiance is a stunning and enthralling sequel to Legacy. If you loved Legacy, you will definitely want to read this book! The story continues as the kingdom of Hytanica and Cokyria is finally at war against each other. Alera must lead her kingdom as their Queen and amidst all the troubles she faces in the story, Alera must remember that even the blackest night must have a dawn...
4 Forget-Me-Not flowers for Allegiance!
Thank you Harlequin Teen Australia for the review copy!


  1. I have this too but I havent read the first one and Im already sooo behind, which sucks because It sounds sooo good based on your review. ugh. I really wish I could read all the books at the same time, imagine that. the world would be a better place, dont you think? lol LOved your review Celine <3


  2. Oh great! I've read the first one a while ago and I think I also need to read this one. It was nice but I confess the heroine annoyed me a little by her actions. It's nice to have a progression witht he characters, I can't wait to see that!

  3. Lovely review!
    It's been a while since I've read LEGACY, but I'm really hoping to get to read ALLEGIANCE soon, because I definitely want to know how this story continues. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Fictional Distraction

  4. Great review! Seriously love this series. Characters really did grow so much, Alera and Steldor especially, like you said ;)

  5. I'm so happy that this lived up to your expectations, Celine. I haven't started the series yet, but based on your recommendation, I really can't wait to.
    Honestly, based on the cover alone (which is beautiful), I'd have expected a paranormal YA, not high fantasy.
    Lovely review as always.

  6. Pretty cover! It seems like you have enjoyed Allegiance. I have to read Legacy before this.

  7. Hm... Sadly, still not sure I'll be reading this! The first book wasn't for me and I didn't connect with the main character at all. And I thought their love story would be more intense! Anyways. Glad to hear your thoughts and since you said it's better than the first, maybe I'll pick it up :)

  8. I haven't read Legacy yet, but this series sounds amazing! I'm really intrigued to read about her long way to become a queen, especially since she sounds like an amazing one! I love reading characters that develop throughout the series! :)

    Awesome review, Celine! <3

  9. How has everyone read this but me?! UNFAIR! I'm so excited to read Legacy, Celien, and this sounds even more amazing! I'm loving that this Steldor fellow who everyone was comparing to asshole Gaston from Beaty and the Beast actually becomes something more than just a figure to direct hatred at. Amazing! So goad you loved it! <3

  10. I heard a lot about the first book and wasn't aware the second book was now available, it sounds like an interesting series!

  11. I STILL haven't read Legacy yet! Can you believe it?? x) Everyone keeps talking about how adorable and awesome it is (and how beautifully tearing the hierarchy thing is played out!), so I'm kind of banging my head on the table wondering why I've passed up every chance to read this when I have! x) As a girl who's always dreamed of being a princess, I'm really intrigued by Alera as a princess -- she sounds FANTASTIC!

    Beautiful review, Celine! <3 :)

  12. Ahhh! I SO need to hurry up and lower my TBR so I can get my hands on Legacy soon. The awesome plot + your amazing review of the sequel is practically BEGGING me to hurry up and read it! So glad to hear you loved this just as much as the first book, can't wait to read! <3

  13. Just picked up the Temple Wars book! Book 1 is fascinating and had me engaged from page one! You guys should check it out! Temple Wars

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