Saturday, 28 April 2012

In My Mailbox #15

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.
This week was a fabulous week for me! So, this week I got:


I couldn't find this book anywhere in the bookshops here so I bought it online! This book was supposed to be out in December last year but was postponed to March this year. So excited to read the conclusion to The Dark Divine trilogy!

For review:

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (Thank you Hachette Australia!)

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I finished reading this book last night and it was SO AWESOME. A GAZILLION TIMES AWESOME.

Until I Die by Amy Plum (Thank you Hachette Australia!)

I also read this book. It's so romantic and sweet but the ending broke my heart! Really really love the Paris setting of this book and of course, Vincent too! ;)

When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle (Thank you Simon & Schuster Australia!)

Just finished reading this book. I really liked it! A very unique re-telling of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. It's also very sad and heart-breaking.


BZRK by Michael Grant (Thank you Braiden @ BookProbe and Hardie Grant Egmont!)

I love the simple cover! When I first saw this book, I had no idea how to pronounce the title but now I know you read it as Bezerk! Can't wait to read this since Braiden really liked it!

Okay, that's all I got this week! What did you get this week?

I hope you guys have a wonderful day! ♥


  1. Ah! Until I Die! Beautiful cover! I've just pre-order it and a copy of Die For Me is only its way to me already. :D Bitterblue seems good from your reaction. Enjoy the rest of the books! :)

    Here's what I got.

  2. enjoy all
    i see you sqeeeeing/ lol enjoy

  3. Wow. I feel like squeeing with you too! I'm curious about Bitterblue! Waiting on your review! I'm glad you loved it! BZRK looks great and so does Until I Die. Awesome mailbox, Celine! Those covers look SO good together <3

  4. Just finished Until I Die . . . not too bad. I also didn't mind When You Were Mine. I'm jealous you got The Savage Grace - can't wait to read that book! Anyway great book haul!

  5. Bitterblue looks totally BADASS. I am desperate to make time in my reading schedule to catch up on Fire so I can read this too! AHHHHHH And The Savage Grace!! Can't wait for your review, I'm really excited to see how it all ends and gah. MUST see what happens after The Lost Saint cliffhanger! *bites nails*

    I'm reading Until I Die at the moment and loving the few chapters I've read! But you have my scared about this ending, Celine! :S BZRK was crazy (crazy) awesome, hope you like! And I'm looking forward to starting When You Were Mine. Love the premise :D


  6. Woohoo! So much awesomeness! Yay for Until I Die and When You Were Mine! I'm curious to find out how you'll feel about both.
    Btw, I find it odd that I'd never seen that cover of Bitterblue before. I admit I haven't been paying too much attention, but I actually like it better than the other one.

  7. OOOh niiice!! I still have to read The Savage Grace, but have too many review books at the moment!

    My Mailbox will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  8. I still haven't read anything by Kristin Cashore. I know, I blogger FAIL! Lol.

  9. Awesome mailbox! I read BZRK a while ago and thought it was pretty good but not as great as Grant's Gone series. I hope you enjoy it! I've heard awesome things from nearly everyone about Rebecca Serle's book and now I can't wait to read it myself. :) Enjoy all your new reads!

  10. Holy wow, so jealous of you this week! I REALLY want to read When You Were Gone, I mean, a Romeo & Juliet retelling from Rosaline's perspective? Complete and epic WIN! And I seriously need to get to reading the Dark Divine trilogy and Die for Me because they sound amazing plus, their covers are to die for! AMAZING mailbox, Celine! :)

  11. Glad you got BZRK Celine! Jen is great with sending stuff out ;) AHHH and Bitterblue! Me want me want... but I’m waiting for the US hardcover since I’m not a fan of these UK/AUS ones (although everyone else does).

    ENJOY READING them all -- especially BZRK!

  12. I can't even BEGIN to convey the extent of my jealousy over your mailbox...


    BITTERBLURE. It's in, like, my top three most anticipated books of this year *sobs*

    Enjoy it for me :D

    Also: WHEN YOU WERE MIIIIIINE! WANT WANT WANT!!! Enjoy, m'dear! <3

  13. I'm excited to read When You Were Mine but sadly, I have to wait till its release. Boo. Anyway, I hope you'll have a lovely week.

  14. OMG Hachette did NOT send you a review copy of Bitterblue!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so envious of you right now! And I've been waiting to read The Savage Grace. I NEVER finish series, but BAM! Too series right there. :P

    Cannot wait to hear what you have to say about When You Were Mine. I've been interested for a while... Happy reading!

    See what I got! I'm no longer doing IMM, but I'm still doing book hauls.

  15. I am looking forward to your review of Bitterblue and Killing Me Softly is on my wishlist. Enjoy them all, you can see my news on The Sunday Post

  16. Oh I have the first one of bree despain for a while but haven't read it yet. I hope you'll enjoy all your new books! Happy reading!

    here is mine

  17. I so very badly want to read Until I Die! Happy reading!
    My Stack

  18. Feel like everyone got Until I Die this week!! I really want to read it, and When You Were Mine sounds amazing as well. awesome haul <3

    The Cait Files

  19. Ahhh I finished Until I Die this morning and DIED at that cliffhanger!! EEEEEK. Looking forward to getting When You Were Mine. It sounds so sad….hope my heart doesn't shatter =S I hope you enjoy BZRK - I was a bit iffy on the synopsis ;) I haven't read the Graceling books but I absolutely must at the end of the year. It looks insanely good!! Hope you enjoy these :D

  20. UNTIL I DIE! Oh my gosh, I just finished that yesterday (I think? LOL!) and I completely loved it!! Like really, truly, epically loved in even more than I loved the first one! x) And then I saw that you have BITTERLUE (with all of your exclamation marks) and I had to squee along with you! I LOVE Kristin Cashore and I'm SOOO excited to my hands on that book, Celine! Eeeeeeee, I can't wait to read your review for it!!

    Amazing mailbox this week, Celine! <3 :)

  21. Fantastic mailbox Celine! I can't wait for Until I Die and BZRK looks amazing! Happy reading! :)

  22. Great book haul!

    I plan to read Until I Die this week. I really want When You Were Mine. The US cover is completely different.
    Enjoy all the books!

  23. Bitterblue! Ahhhhh! So glad you liked it! Until I Die looks fab too, I really want to read it. Heard a lot of good things about When You Were Mine as well, same with BZRK - happy reading! :)

  24. Yay for The Savage Grace and Until I Die! I'm dying to read that one for sure! :) When You Were Mine sounds pretty awesome. I'm going to have to check that one out!

    Thanks for sharing Celine! I hope you love all those awesome looking books <3

    Have a great week!
    Jessirae @ Words, pages and books
    My Book Haul

  25. What a great week, Celine! I keep hearing about Bitterblue but I have no idea what it's even about, I hope you enjoy it!

  26. I also got When you were mine. I cant wait to start reading it Celine, hope you enjoy all of these. <3


  27. I finished FIRE last night and it was every bit as amazing as I first thought and even more! <3 <3 Now there's no way I'm not buying Bitterblue right now.

    I still have to read Savage Grace. I love this series, and I seriously cannot understand why I haven't bought the third book yet. Soon! I'm super excited to know what happens to our lovely characters. Until I Die! I've preordered it, and I hope I like it better than the first, which I didn't really get into :(

    Have a wonderful week~ <3

  28. Celine dahling <3 Awesome haul. And is that the sequel to Die for Me that I see? Niceeee :)

  29. Wonderful IMM!! I loved first time reading any Michael Grant and I was blown away with his writing. Very intelligent writing, I had to take some notes.

    I love Die For Me and can't wait to read Until I Die!! I love Jules...he's gorgeous:D



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