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#91 Book Review: The Industry

The Industry
Release Date:March 20th 2012
Author: Rose Foster
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy: Fishpond
More Info: Goodreads
Summary from Goodreads:
Kirra Hayward is an ordinary sixteen year old - smarter than most, but otherwise completely anonymous. When she solves an unusual decrypting puzzle on the internet to fill in a moment of boredom at school, she has no idea of what she's letting herself in for.

Kidnapped by a shadowy organisation of mercenaries known only as The Industry, Kirra soon discovers how valuable her code-breaking skills are. And when she stubbornly refuses to help them, they decide to break her ... by any means at their disposal.

Kirra knows that to protect herself, she must trust no one, not even her fellow prisoner, Milo. But as time goes by she wonders if he is the only person she can rely on.

Compulsive and page-turning, The Industry is the first in a trilogy from talented debut author Rose Foster.
My review:

It's absolutely cool! I love how the codes are forming the girl's face, the dark background and it gives this cryptic feeling!
4 Forget-Me-Not flowers for the cover!

Can you break the code?

Kirra Hayward is just your average student. Well, she is a bit more than average. Even though she is only sixteen, she is taking 2 extension classes because she is just that good. One day, her teacher gives her an assignment to make puzzles. Kirra thinks it's really lame but when she goes to the Internet and types puzzles, she clicks a website which turns out to be just a page with numbers. Kirra finds the numbers interesting and starts decoding it and submits her answer. When she clicks submit, nothing happens, not even a 'congratulations, you are correct' statement. Kirra never thought that the moment she clicks submit, she is The Industry's target and they want her for her code-breaking skills...

I have heard great things about The Industry from other Aussie bloggers and I was really excited to read it but sadly, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The book is still enjoyable and I love the concept, but it's not a 5 stars book for me. This book is written from Kirra's POV. I love the premise of The Industry, a girl kidnapped because she can break codes? Count me in! Although, when I read the book, I wasn't quite hooked into the story. The first 150 pages of the book felt slow to me. The last 50 pages though were really exciting! I was completely hooked because it was fast-paced and so many new things are happening. What I loved the most from this book was the actions. This book is filled with awesome actions and gun-fights. The ending made me really dying to get my hands on The Estate!

Kirra is a very intelligent character and I definitely adore her. It's quite rare to see female code-breakers and it makes her an awesome character. I can understand how she feels, from being just a regular student to a highly targeted code breaker and I love her relationship with Milo. I love how their relationship develops from just a cellmate to something more. Milo is a very unpredictable character. I thought he was just an innocent young man who like Kirra was kidnapped by The Industry but I never thought he was more than that. He is a very intriguing character and I am definitely looking forward to read more about him in the next book. Latham, Kirra's kidnapper is also a very interesting antagonist. Overall, I think the characters are quite well-written!

The Industry is an exciting book filled with actions, fighting scenes and explores what it means to be a code-breaker with a touch of romance! Even though the story felt slow and didn't quite hook me, it was still an enjoyable book!
4 Forget-Me-Not flowers for The Industry!
Thank you Harper Collins Australia for the review copy!

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  1.'s a pity this didn't quite live up to your expectations! But I'm still glad you enjoyed it :) I agree that certain parts were a little slow...but I really liked the ending! I DID NOT see that coming :) Fabulous review Celine :D I'm excited for the second book as well!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you didn't love it quite as much as you hoped, but, uh, wow? It still sounds amazing. And the premise! So cool, and you have me SOOOO intrigued by the Milo character. I have suspicions :P

    Still... it's kind of dissapointing when EVERYTHING exciting is right in the end of the book, but mo well. Glad you liked it so much, m'dear! ♥

  3. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one as much as you'd hoped, but atleast you had a fun time reading it! I do the love the cover and the premise sounds so good! I will have to check it out especially as it's by an Aussie author! Great review Celine! :)

  4. As others have said, sucks that this was a bit disappointing for you, but I am happy you still enjoyed it! Ahhh certain... things at the end! I have a very, very small warning bell go off but... damnit *shakes fist at a certain person* SO excited to see where Rose takes the story next! I really loved all the action too and the global setting on the book. Fab review, Celine1

  5. bummmr it was a bit dissapointing
    atleast least you read in
    tnx 4 the honest review celine

  6. I never heard of this book before, but it sounds interesting! I always like a clever heroin, so I'm going to check this one :) Thanks for the honest review!

  7. I hadn't heard of this before but it sounds really good!! It's a shame it didn't quite live up to your expectations, I hate it when that happens. Fascinated by codes and stuff so love the idea of it revolving around code-breaking and it sounds quite psychological as well. Glad it redeemed itself enough for you to give it 4/5 and that you're anticipating the sequel!

    The Cait Files

  8. Ahh sorry this book didn't meet your expectations, Celine! Love reading the characters paragraph though cos I would definitely read the book on that alone. A clever girl hacker, an unpredictable boy, and an interesting antagonist? Yes! Fabulous review, Celine. :)

  9. One bad thing about books with amazing premises is sometimes it doesn't live up to your expectation! So sorry that this book doesn't turn out as awesome as you expected it to be, Celine! I love that the heroine is genius, we don't get to see much genius heroines in YA! Plus, the fact that she falls in love to her cellmate! I want to see how they manage to escape from the evil organization. AMAZING review, Celine! ♥

  10. Wow. Just by the summary, I thought I knew what book you were talking about. But now I've seen it's the first time it's been published... But I swear when I was little I read a book summary that sounded a bit like this one.

    Weirdness apart, sad to see you didn't like it that much! But sometimes it happens to me, too; The general idea of the book is amazing, yet when you read it you can't find the "sparks" of the book. Glad to see you liked the ending! That always conditions whether I'll read the following one or not (on the cases when I'm having doubts) :D

  11. I just got a copy of this book :) The cover caught my eye and the summary really got me interested. I'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations but I'm glad you still enjoyed it. Can't wait to give this one a go!
    - Jenni

  12. Oooohhhh, what a creepy-cool cover! x) Looking at it and reading the synopsis for the book makes me think that it fits kind of perfectly together! I never would've pegged this book as a fast-paced action book so the fact that it is makes me kind of excited -- I love intensely awesome books the best! :D

    Beautiful review, Celine! Even though it didn't have that WOW factor you were looking for, you still rated it pretty high! So that means I should totally give it a shot soon, right? ;) ♥

  13. That cover is gorgeous and now I must put this book on my to buy list. This sounds like a great read. You're an amazing reviewer with great taste in books.

    Rebecca @ Vicariously!


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