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#73 Book Review: Forget me not

Forget me not
Release Date: 1 March 2012
Author: Sue Lawson
Publisher: Black Dog Books (Walker Books Australia)
Source: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Where to Buy: Fishpond
More Info: Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:
The story of one family's voyage on the Titanic.

"I am filled with the worst feeling. Everyone says it is the safest, most luxurious ship in the world, but something about it is extremely unsettling."

Evelyn Gilmore does not share her brother Thomas’s excitement about travelling on the maiden voyage of the luxurious Titanic.

For Evelyn the ship is taking her away from everything she knows and loves. For Thomas it is taking him to his new life.

How could they know what the trip would bring?

My review:

I can sense this historical feeling of the book just by seeing the cover! The shadow of the birds and the lifesaver gives a beautiful touch and calmness to the cover!
4 Forget-me-not flowers for the cover!

A voyage on the Titanic...

Evelyn Gilmore is never excited about leaving Britain, if it means leaving her friends and lovely home behind. But her family is moving to America and they are on board the greatest luxurious ship of the time, RMS Titanic. Thomas Gilmore, Eve's brother takes this journey as an adventure and a beginning to a new life. This is a story of a family's voyage on the Titanic...

Titanic is a beautiful sad story and a historical tragedy which is portrayed really well in Forget me not. Written in 2 perspectives, Eve and Thomas, the book ventures on their journey on board the Titanic until the accident and tragedy where the Titanic hit the iceberg. I loved reading both Eve and Thomas' story and understanding the way they see things in the voyage and I loved how detailed Sue described the setting of the Titanic which makes me feel as if I'm on board of the ship itself. I really enjoyed reading this book while imagining the luxurious life of the passengers on Titanic before the accident occurred and the tragedy the passengers are facing as they try to survive when the Titanic hit the iceberg.

I really enjoyed reading about the characters in this book, from Eve, Thomas, Bea (their younger sister), their parents and also Hugh and Meggie (the 2 passengers Eve and Thomas meet in the ship). I definitely did not expect a romance at all in this book and although it wasn't the main focus of the book, I really enjoyed reading the development of Hugh and Eve's relationship. They were both so cute and adorable. Sometimes I found Thomas quite annoying and selfish since he is jealous that Hugh seems to like spending his time with Eve more than with him and Thomas feels like Eve is taking Hugh away from him. Eve's mom was a bit harsh towards Eve but her father was really patient and understanding. I love how there are different characters with different personalities in this book!

Forget me not portrays a bittersweet tale of a family's voyage on the Titanic. I really enjoyed reading this book and the historical aspect of the Titanic's tragedy. If you love Titanic as a setting of a book, you will definitely love Forget me not too! And oh, what a coincidence! The title of the book and my blog's name is the same! Is this fate? ;) Also, come back on the 1st of April (April Fool's Day!) so I can 'fool' you to read a very interesting guest post about the Titanic from Sue Lawson, author of Forget me not as a part of the Forget me not blog tour! 
4 Forget-me-not flowers for Forget me not!
Thank you Walker Books Australia for the review copy!


  1. Titanic! Anything that uses the setting and tragic event in a novel/movie instantly has my interest. The movie is one of my all time favourites and I used to use any opportunity in primary school to pick Titanic as my topic for assignments. Something about it has always fascinated me. So that coupled with your fantastic review, has me very intrigued by Forget Met Not!

    (Not to mention, anything that shares your blog namesake must be awesome haha).

  2. Ooooh, this is fascinating... there seems to a resurgence in Titanix stories... you know, when you think about the time... Avatar came out... what, 2 years ago? It probably reignited interest in James Cameron's MOVIE Titanic, and the time it takes to write a book, to the time of publication is usually around 2 years (for books not part of a series)... I wonder if we're seeing them now as a result of that? Flow on effect? Food for thought ;D

    CELINE! THE NAME! This book was MADE FOR YOU! It sounds sweet and sad, and I LOVE your review, like always, m'dear! <3

  3. Beautiful review, Cel! And this is by an Aussie lady so I can read it for the AWW2012 challenge!

    Also, I love that your blog's name and the book's match!

  4. I love how simple that cover yet its just amazing. and that review, loved it I will have to add this on my list, and how ironic is it when your blog's name and that book's title are the same? sweet! xoxo


  5. I liked this book too, I wish the ending had been less abrupt though. I wanted to read a bit about their life in America.


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