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Guess This Quote Blog Event: An Introduction!

Hello guys! If you remember, I did say I want to host my first blog event. I've been spending quite a few weeks trying to sort things out and make it happen. I'm glad to say that my blog event is going to happen this month in February, 1 week from now! Here is an introduction to the first blog event I'll be hosting here in Forget-Me-Not!

Do you like doing this to your own book?

Do you love words? 
Do you love remembering quotes?
Do you have a good memory?
Are you a true book lover?

Then this blog event is for you!
Guess This Quote!
As you can see in the blog banner above, there's a brief description as to what 'Guess This Quote' blog event is! So basically, every week, I will post two quotes from 2 different YA books for participants to guess. There will be forms to fill out each week with the 2 quotes that you have to guess which YA book each comes from. This event will run for 9 weeks.
For example:
In the first week, you are given these 2 quotes:
Quote #1: I know you.
Quote #2: The book is here.
(These are just examples I made up!)
Then you'll have to guess the book Quote #1 comes from. In the form, you will have to write the title of the book and the author. So, for example, Quote #1 : Know by John Doe. This also goes for Quote #2. If you know which book it comes from, write the title of the book and the author. Another example: Quote #2: Book by Jane Doe. This will make more sense when the blog event is on and when the forms are posted to fill out!

Wait, don't go yet! Now you guys are probably wondering will there be any prizes included in this blog event?
All I can say is YES FOR SURE!
Each week, every participants who have entered and guessed both quotes correctly will be entered to win fabulous prizes! The form is open for 3 weeks so you have about 3 weeks to fill out your answers and make sure that they are correct! You can win signed books, swags and much more! All I ask is that you follow my blog in either GFC or email to join this event!

Some of the quotes might be too difficult to guess. But don't worry, you still have a chance to enter for the prizes! To be entered to win the prizes, participants have to guess both quotes correctly. But, there is still a chance for participants who have guessed at least one quote correctly! You can help spread the word about this blog event by grabbing the blog button and banner, tweeting about it and still be entered to win the prizes even though you have only guessed one quote correctly out of the two quotes!

I'd like to say that you can do any research you want to guess the quotes right but please try to test yourself first before giving up and searching for the right answer! It'll be more fun that way! ;)

To give you guys a clue, here are the authors who have decided to participate in this blog event!
Taryn Browning
Cath Crowley
Jus Accardo
Marissa Meyer
Jeri Smith-Ready
Ebony McKenna
Lauren Oliver
Beth Fantaskey
Michelle Madow
Amy Plum
Jodi Meadows
Jennifer L. Armentrout

This list of authors have contributed quotes from their books for you to guess! So hopefully, this list should help you guess the quotes!

Here are the prizes you can win!

 International Prizes
 -1 E-book copy of Dark Seeker + 3 Signed Jumbo Bookmarks
-2 copies of Ondine & 2 copies of The Autumn Palace + Signed bookplates
-Cinder postcards, stickers, bookmarks and bookplates
-Signed Shade bookmarks and bookplates
-Signed copy of Graffiti Moon

-Touch magnet, signed postcard and bookmark
-Signed copy of Delirium
-Signed copy of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
-Signed copy of Remembrance + 3 Signed Bookmarks
-2 Signed Die For Me bookmarks
-Incarnate stickers + A signed bookplate
-Signed copy of Skid Out + MP3 Song that goes with the book + CD that inspired the author (Ann Frohoff)
-1 E-book copy of Illumine by Alivia Anders

US Prizes

-1 Obsidian Bookmark, 1 Pure Bookmark, 1 Half-Blood bookmark, 1 Cursed bookmark, 1 Daimon bookmark + Half-Blood and Pure guitar picks

International participants, you are also welcome to join this event! You can win most of the prizes since they are mostly open internationally! You each have a chance to win these awesome prizes! More detailed rules will be posted each week when the blog event is on. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below or shoot me an email!

This is the full of schedule of the blog event:
Week #1: 11 February - 3 March
Week #2: 18 February - 10 March
Week #3: 25 February - 17 March
Week #4: 3 March - 24 March
Week #5: 10 March - 31 March
Week #6: 17 March -  7 April
Week #7: 24 March - 14 April
Week #8: 31 March - 21 April
Week #9: 7 April -  28 April

I'll be posting the forms and quotes each week but the event will fully end in April! The first date shown is the date when I'll post the form and the second date shown is the last day to post your answers. I will also announce the winners by the end of the event! Be sure to stop by on those dates so you can get your answers in!

Here are the blog event's button and banner if you'd like to help spread the word!

And don't forget to participate in this AWESOME blog event hosted by Eleusinian Mysteries and Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me too!

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