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Inkcrush: Faves of Twentyeleven Book Awards - The Characters

If you guys don't know, Inkcrush is an Aussie blog that hosts this award annually and I've decided to join the first time in this particular category! 
Day Two: The Characters
1. Favourite female main character: This is so difficult to answer. The thing is, I've read so many books and I am forgetting the female characters I've read. But probably, the one that sticks in my mind a lot as a great female main character would be Tris from Divergent. This ties with Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Both are such an awesome heroine and I would want to be like them!

2. Favourite male main character: Again, this is so difficult. I loved lots of male main characters in books. But again, the one that I'm still so obsessed about and sticks in my mind for a long time because he's so realistic and I wonder if I can find someone like him is the one and only Monsieur Étienne St. Clair ♥ from Anna and the French Kiss. I just love everything about him. Including his I-pretend-I-don't-care-but-I-really-do hair and his gorgeous British accent. Enough said.

3. Best couple: This one I can answer quite easily. Anna and Étienne from Anna and the French Kiss ♥. Their relationship is a bit complicated and when they are finally together for real, I practically screamed of joy. I love how their attractions grew gradually as the time they spend together and it wasn't like an insta-love although there is an attraction when they first met each other.

4. Who I so want to be best friends with: It's really the year of Anna and the French Kiss for me. I just can't forget this book so yes, the answer is Anna. I love her personalities, her style and I find her easy to connet when I read about her. So I want to be her best friends and perhaps I can snag someone like St. Clair too! 

5. Who I fell completely in love with (new literary crush): Again and again, this goes to Étienne St. Clair ♥ from Anna and the French Kiss. I read Anna and the French Kiss this year in August precisely, and I completely fell in love with Étienne. I just can't seem to stop obsessing about this one French-American-British guy even after reading other YA books with fabulous male characters.

6. Worst (best & baddest) villain: Okay, when I read books, I have to admit I don't really want to care about the villains and seem to forget them easily. But particular characters called President Snow from The Hunger Games and Lokesh from The Tiger Saga made me really hate them. They are just pure evil and I am disgusted!
7. Best character twist (who you loved then hated or vice versa): I am still laughing at myself for saying this but it's Warner from Shatter Me. I really hated him at first but then I don't know why, I felt a deep pity towards him and I am really interested in him. I don't really love him but more like I am interested. I no longer hate him. 

8. Best kick-arse female: This is definitely Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. She is such a strong and fierce female and I really adore her. She's the girl on fire after all! 

9. Best kick-arse male: Jace from The Mortal Instruments series. He is a great shadowhunter and his arrogance can be quite annoying but definitely a powerful fighter who will protect you with all his might. This also goes to Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices series. His fighting abilities and coldness can be quite similar to Jace which makes him a great kick-arse male character too!

10. Broke your heart the most: This I can answer quite easily too. It's William Herondale from The Infernal Devices. My heart completely breaks for him. I don't want to spoil things away but the ending of Clockwork Prince made me cry for Will. He's just so understanding and I really want to hug him to give him the support he needed. After everything he's been through and the reason why he treated others coldly, trying to distance himself away, he couldn't get what he wanted most. Poor Will. This also goes to Adam from If I Stay by Gayle Forman. His promise and what happened to him in the beginning of Where She Went completely broke my heart. I want a man like him, who made promises and kept them until the end.  

11. Favourite pet/animal character award: Tigers from The Tiger Saga. Okay, they're not really pets but more like the main characters are able to transform to tigers but I just love them. Tigers are so gorgeous and they're strong. They're also soft so you can cuddle them and sleep with them! 

12. Best YA parents award: My head is getting dizzy trying to remember any parents who are really great but let's see, I can say I love Mia's parents from If I Stay. They're very supportive of their children, loving, interesting but sadly, they died in the car crash. It's so sad since they were such great parents!

13. Favourite sibling relationship: Easy! I love The Fuentes Brothers . They are very supportive of each other, they care for each other and they all have awesome girls. I love their relationship and how they are willing to protect each other from getting badly involved with the Latino Blood gang. 

14. Favourite best friends/friendship award: I love the friendships in Saving Francesca: Francesca, Justine, Tara, Siobhan, even Thomas. They are friends that would stay in your life forever and will always support you no matter what. I would definitely want to be one of their friends!
15. Best/worst character names: This is easy for me again! The one and only Étienne St. Clair. That is the BEST NAME EVER. Seriously, I never encountered this name in my whole life until I read Anna and the French Kiss. I am so in love with French language after reading this book and particulary this coolest name of course.

Bonus: best love triangle - The love triangle between Tessa, Will and Jem from Clockwork Prince. What made me think it was the best? The way Clare writes it is just so great that I loved both combinations of Tessa + Will and Tessa + Jem. The love triangle is not annoying at all, but more like sad. I wanted Tessa to be able to choose Will but then I want her to choose Jem. This love triangle is so good because the 2 boys have such a sad past and life that they deserve Tessa a lot. I can't imagine being faced with this decision, like Tessa!


I love this remake! It seems so perfect and a great representative of Anna and St. Clair!
Leave links for your posts on this category and I'll definitely check it out!

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