Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blake by Sarahjane Funnell Ebook Giveaway!

Hiya guys! I am hosting my giveaway for the first time. It's an ebook of Blake by Sarahjane Funnell. Thank you to Sarahjane for giving me an ebook copy of her short story. Check out my review here! I loved it a lot! Blake is a YA short story and it's definitely one of the best short stories I've read. You can also grab this book at Amazon too!

Summary of Blake:
Blake is an aloof and mysterious guy. He possesses a sharp glint in his eye and harbours a hidden secret. Ebony, a schoolgirl, becomes completely mesmerised by him and his strange character. Longing to unveil just what it is that makes Blake so different, Ebony desperately searches for him to find the answer. When Ebony finally has an opportune moment to discover the secret that surrounds Blake, she learns that it is not only he who hides an unknown identity but that she too has an inner secret that stretches far beyond her own existence. An unknown secret that changes not only her thoughts and the ways of the world but also her physical human form. Blake is a captivating short story that will spark the imagination of Young Adult readers, taking them on an emotive journey of self-discovery within two contrasting worlds. Featuring rich language and powerful emotion, Blake is perfect for readers looking for an introduction to fantasy fiction or shorter reading.

Sounds amazing right? Well, you can either buy it in Amazon or...you have the chance to win it here!

Now for the giveaway. Sarahjane is giving an ebook copy of Blake. It's easy and open to everyone! Just fill out the form below and good luck! Make sure you fill out all to get extra entires for the giveaway. Winners will be chosen randomly via random.org. Note that the DEADLINE for this giveaway is 16th of October 2011! Yep, it's a limited time so better hurry up! Leave a comment to tell me what you think about this giveaway too! Thanks for participating!

Giveaway is closed. Thank you to those participating.

Giveaway closes at 16 October 2011 

Note: Emails will only be used to send the ebook to winner. It will be best to use an alias when filling in the form with the section of name. We respect confidentiality and privacy. Winner has 48 hours to confirm their winning via email or another winner will be chosen. 

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