Sunday, 30 October 2011

M.J Hearle Halloween Giveaway

Halloween Giveaway: Follow my blog and win a copy of Winter’s Shadow

Okay, folks I know I’m a bit late with this one but bear with me – I haven’t had the internet for four days. Yes, you heard correctly – no internet for four days. It was like being thrust back into the dark ages only with fewer plague rats and slightly better food. Luckily, I’m back online now – just in time, it seems, to post a Halloween Giveaway. If I was a day later I guess I would’ve just called it a ‘Giveaway’ which has much less marketing value.
Thanks to my wonderful publisher Pan Macmillan I have five copies of Winter’s Shadow sitting on my desk in need of a home. To win, just click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of this window and I’ll automatically get sent a notification with your details. The first 5 new followers will receive a copy of my book. I’ll then shoot you an email to sort out how to post it to you. Simple, huh?
Now, I understand many of you reading this probably already are subscribers (much thanks!) so to sweeten the deal, if you forward this competition and get a friend to follow me, your name will go in the running to receive a copy of Winter’s Light next year. That’s right, the (hopefully) much anticipated sequel to Winter’s Shadow. Just email me showing that you’ve forwarded this giveaway on or send me a screengrab or something.
Send emails to
You have until the end of this week (4th of November) so get cracking!
Happy Halloween!
M. J.

So I'm just forwarding and posting M.J's blog post in my blog here! He's an Australian author if many of you guys don't know! Just follow him and you can get a chance to win his book! If you're a subscriber already, forward this post, email it to him and you'll get a chance to win the sequel coming out next year!! Cool right? Happy Halloween everyone! 

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