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The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf Blog Tour - Ambelin's Top 5 Scenes

Hey guys! As a part of The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf's blog tour, I have a lovely post from Ambelin, the author, on her top 5 scenes in the book! I would also like to thank Peta from Walker Books Australia for putting this blog tour together! Without further ado, here are her top 5 scenes:

First off - SPOILER ALERT! I’ve tried not to give too much away but there’s definitely some reveals below. So consider yourselves duly warned… 
The walk down the hallway that begins the book.
I love this moment because it’s the first scene I ever wrote, the one that drew me into the story. It was also the scene that kept me writing, because I was so afraid for Ash. She had to get of the detention centre, but how? And there’s immediately hints that things are not quite what they seem…what was going on? I didn’t know the answer to those questions when I began writing the book. I discovered the truth slowly, in the same way that Ash does, as the story progressed. I could always see that first scene so clearly in my head – Ash so frail and scared, but defiant still, dressed in the white detainee uniform, and Connor all distant in his black enforcer uniform, pacing by her side.
Some people ask me if I listen to music while I’m writing. I don’t, because I find it distracting, I’ve just never been able to listen to music when I’m trying to put a story together. But I hear the sounds of the book as I write, and some of it gets incorporated into the text. In this scene, I could hear how Ashala’s and Connor’s footsteps sounded as they walked down the long, silent hallway, and that made it into the chapter – “my feet seemed to be making a muddled, shuffling sort of Noise: a pathetic contrast to the clear, measured pace of the guard beside me.”

Any scene in which Jaz appears
Jaz was the character who was the easiest to write. I always knew what he was thinking – or, rather, not thinking, since he tends to act without considering the consequences, most of the time. He’s irrepressible, maddening, reckless, and very close to Ash’s heart. In Jaz’s words, Ash is more of a mum to him than his own mu ever was, and that’s something she takes very seriously. In The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, we meet and interact with Jaz as a part of Ash’s story. But, if I ever went back to this world once the Tribe series was finished, it would be to tell Jaz’s story.  

When Georgie and Ashala meet the saurs.
This is a pivotal moment in the book, the very beginning of Ashala’s life in the Firstwood. I love the drama and tension of this scene, that moment when the huge saur comes tearing across the grasslands towards Georgie, and Ash runs out to save her. And I love, too, that the two of them manage to meet the only carnivorous lizard who won’t eat them on the spot – Wanders-too-Far, the inquisitive, mischievous, maverick of the saurs. Of course, it wasn’t an accident that they met the right saur, because Georgie understood how that moment would play out. But Ash doesn’t realise then, and perhaps doesn’t even understand by the end of the book, the degree to which Georgie knows things that she doesn’t tell. 

When Ashala meets Connor
The cave, and the dim light of the lamp, and that moment when Connor says to her, “you are the reason I came here, Ashala Wolf…” How could this not be a favourite? And what I love about this is both that it is the beginning of the Connor/Ashala relationship, and the way it kicks off the overall dynamic between Ash, Connor and Ember. Because, really, Ember would’ve much preferred that Ash fell for someone other than Connor, someone not quite so dangerous. Ember gets over it later in the book, but I don’t think she’ll ever be completely thrilled about Ashala’s choice of boyfriend. That’s okay, though. Not to give too much away about book two, but Ashala’s going to positively loathe the guy Ember falls for…

The last trip to the machine, when Ashala thinks all is lost

This is the part when Ashala is walking through the centre, believing she is about to die. The wind brings her the scent of eucalyptus from the Firstwood, and she sends her thoughts out to the trees, thinking
If I could make it back to you, I would. To me this is one of the most profound moments in the book. This is when Ashala’s towering tuarts, and the ancient spirit of the forest, reach out to comfort her in a moment of terrible loneliness and fear. It encapsulates Ashala’s relationship with the forest, the way she and the trees are connected, and how they take care of each other.


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Can I just say YES to every scenes? I really really loved all the scenes Ambelin mentioned on her post! If you have not heard of The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, absolutely check it out! I think it is one of the best Aussie YA dystopian novels! Thank you Ambelin for taking her time to write the post and thank you Peta from Walker Books Australia for putting this blog tour together!   

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  1. Ahhh this book just sounds AMAZING. An Aussie dystopian! <3

    Thank you SO much for the giveaway. (:
    Do I HAVE to post my email in the comments section, or could you just send me a tweet if I do win? XD I'm too lazy to type it out. Bleh.

  2. I love this book - so good. As I already have a copy of this book I won't enter the give-away.

    Great post, Celine.

    Ali @ Treasured Tales for Young Adults

  3. Ha! Yet another reason for me to move to Australia. ;) I've been seeing this book around a lot of the Aussie blogs and it sounds fantastic! I'm really liking the sound of the moments mentioned in the post. Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. I quickly scanned the scenes, but they sound pretty good! International over here ^^

  5. Yes, these scenes are all awesome, particularly any scene featuring Jaz, he is one of the most entertaining characters I've read about!

  6. Jaz and Ash sound like very intriguing characters. :) And the scenes sound so entertaining and engrossing! Lovely post, Ambelin and Celine. :) I've never heard of this book before hand, but I have a feel it's a good read. :)

  7. I have never heard of this book before, but I like the sound of it. I also like that the author seems really involved with Ash's feelings. She doesn't cackle like the devil when Ash is in the danger lol.

  8. Though I haven't heard about this much less read it, I AM LOVING THE SCENES. Or more accurately, the feelings behind them. It just goes to show how a book is really the heart of an author :D

    Lovely interview, Celine!

  9. I have been seeing this book pop up everywhere over the last few days, can I just say it looks a lot different (but definitely amazing) to the kind of books I've read. Like Sam said this gives another great reason to visit Australia! thanks for sharing a fab post with us Celine!

  10. I wasn't sure whether to read the post in its entirety or not as I usually don't like to know too much about books before I read them so I've just read the sentences in bold and only skim the sentences below the headers but that's enough to make me drool LOL -Me Want!

    Proud to be Aussie, of course ;)


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